Workstation Setup and Installation

computer-installPC on Wheels provides workstation setup and installation services to the greater Cleveland area and all of Cuyahoga, Lake and Summit Counties. We are committed to assisting our customers to become knowledgeable about the computers that they use on a daily basis.

Our skilled professionals will assist you in the setup and installation of computer workstations as well as many other necessary computer peripheral devices, including a printer, scanner, web camera, etc. Additionally, if necessary, we will move everything of value from your existing device such as, emails, documents, pictures, etc., to your new workstation.

As part of the workstation setup and installation services, we will install current computer virus protection software on your workstation. We will also make sure that you fully understand the best way to maximize your virus protection software along with easy methods to keep it current and updated.

Our workstation setup and installation service consultants are very proficient in a variety of techniques to safeguard your workstation against attacks. They will choose an appropriate solution that will operate with your firewall and antivirus along with any existing encryption techniques you might have in use, and we will also educate you in how it works. They will also provide you with additional methods to safeguard your computers against any kind of potential risks that you might encounter.

Also, as a part of workstation setup and installation services, our workstation setup and installation services support consultants can assist you with the setup of dual monitor or monitor sharing.

Dual-monitor workstation setup and installation is a form of configuration where two monitors are utilized by using just one single computer-processing unit. Most people replace potentially very good computer monitors simply because they would like to upgrade to a larger screen size. Generally, installing an additional, similar monitor to the system is usually far more cost-effective and provides an even more significant monitor real estate. Using a dual-monitor hook up is certainly a remarkable time saver. Most people do not realize the amount of time an individual spends toggling between windows and applications on a single monitor until they are able to split their tasks between two. For instance, an individual may easily access far more spreadsheet columns, instantly, or perhaps have a remote desktop session accessible on one screen while a local desktop is open on the other. The varieties of these scenarios are limitless however, whenever you are waiting for software programs to execute or perhaps an internet browser window to load, you could be working on other things.

There are a numerous advantages of sharing the connection of one computer monitor with multiple computers. By using just a single monitor you could reduce financial strain of investing in a standalone monitor for each and every computer. Additionally, monitor sharing is a space-saving strategy due to the fact that you do not need to try to find space for multiple monitors. Furthermore, monitor sharing can be an energy saver due to the fact it makes use of just one monitor rather than multiple ones. Possibly, you may wish to shield some data files and records that contain sensitive information against unauthorized access but, also, retain it at hand and outside the network.

Just prior to linking to the network our workstation setup and installation services technician will review the computer network configuration settings and create a computer network security plan which includes wireless networking protection and /or computer backup recovery. Our workstation setup and installation services consultants can help you implement the best possible settings of wireless and hardwire Local Area Network, configuration of and broadband internet, asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL), and Wi-Fi.