Server Services

Wired and Wireless Network Businesses that are too small to afford their own IT departments may give up hope of operating a first class computer server system. However, this is not an unachievable goal. Any business or even a home with an elaborate computer network can maintain servers for a network by outsourcing their server maintenance to a team of experts. PC on Wheels is a server services company that can assist businesses in the following areas :

Server Repair and Upgrade

A server that stops working or one that no longer works with the cutting edge equipment of the rest of the computer network can become a business nightmare especially when it is not even obvious which unit in a network is at fault. A technician from a server services company can isolate the malfunctioning computer and can repair or replace it to restore the network’s functionality. While some isolated procedures will require a trip to the server services company’s offices, most of this technician’s work can be accomplished on the client’s premises.

An older computer can slow down a network when their lack of capacity, outdated hard ware or software that needs to be updated makes it hard to interface with the newer equipment of the rest of the system. Restoring optimum network performance requires not only the ability to upgrade the computer and its software, but also the ability to timely recognize the need. Our server services experts can keep your computer network running without interrupting a business’s operations.

Server Operating System and Software Installation

Upgrading a computer operating system can mean hours of configuring and customizing which only experts can perform. The situation might even get more complicated if the new operating system is different from the prior. For example, when a computer originally loaded with a Windows product is reloaded with some variety of Linux. Our server services technicians are familiar with a variety of server operating systems and can save you substantial amounts of time and money getting the software loaded and ensuring that everything works properly. Even once the computer operating system is installed and configured; there might be a case when other software applications would not be compatible with each other. Our server services technicians will be able to provide you with the solutions to tackle these issues.

Server Maintenance

Almost all users know they can use backups but rarely anybody takes advantage of this option. Every day somewhere in America, a computer server will crash and destroy the data it contains, crippling the business that depends on it. Our server services firm can help you backup vital information so that in the event of the loss of data your company can resume operation from the point of the last backup.

Beyond backups, computers require regular maintenance. Most users know about emptying caches and defragmenting hard drives, but relatively few perform regular database cleanup, software upgrade, etc. Our server services technicians have expertise with almost any server software imaginable and we can schedule the necessary procedure around our clients’ needs

Computer servers are a vital part of any successful business’s operations, but retaining a full time computer service technician can put a sizable dent in the company budget. PC On Wheels server services can be a cost effective solution to resolve this issue for you and will let you concentrate on more productive areas of your business.