New Computer Setup

Computer Repair & UpgradePC on Wheels offers Windows PC or Mac laptop and desktop setup and installation services to the greater Cleveland area and all of Cuyahoga, Lake and Summit Counties. Our company is dedicated to help our valued customers in becoming proficient in the computer systems that they work with each and every day.

Our knowledgeable technicians will help you and your family in computer setup and installation together with various other necessary home computer peripheral devices, such as a scanner, printer, web camera, etc. Also, should you require, we can transfer all of the valuable content out of your old machine such as electronic mail, documents, photos, etc., to the new laptop or computer.

Once all the equipment is powered on, the next phase in the computer setup routine is to begin personalization. This process consists of region and language settings, naming the computer, setting the time and date, entering product keys, along with the setting of an administrator security password.

In addition, we are going to ensure that all of the essential elements including your operating system along with your security software program are properly set up and thus running at their maximum efficiency rate. Also, we will ensure that all computer software as well as driver updates for computer components such as video, audio, USB, along with networking are up to date and will download all of the latest upgrades and patches straight from the manufacturer. PC users should be cautious whenever downloading or upgrading software programs on their personal laptops or computers mainly because of the potential of unintentionally installing rogue or possibly malicious software applications which is, in fact, progressively more wide-spread in this day and age.

As part of the computer setup and installation services, we will setup the latest computer virus protection program on your computer system. Also, we are going to ensure that you will completely understand the simplest way to get the maximum benefits out of your computer virus protection software and also the best way to keep it up-to-date.

For customers with the home network, PC on Wheels’ computer setup and installation service can offer effective network security to protect their computers from unwanted intruders and dangerous malware from compromising their personal valuable data. We can recommend various techniques which can include firewalls, anti-virus programs, along with powerful network permissions in order to avoid network security breaches. Also, our computer setup and installation professionals will train customers in good web surfing behavior so that they can do their part in keeping their computer data safe and secure.

Our computer setup and installation technicians are well experienced in all the different strategies to shield your personal computer from the attacks. We will be able to select the right approach that is going to function in unison with your firewall, antivirus as well as any sort of file encryption methods you already have in place, also we are going to show you how it works. They will also ensure that you understand various other techniques to protect your personal computers from different types of pitfalls that you could confront.