Computer Workstation Services

office-setupPc on Wheels offers a variety of computer workstation services throughout the Cleveland area. Our certified computer technicians are dedicated to resolving software issues, servicing and replacing computer hardware and troubleshooting for many white label or well-known brands of laptop or desktop computer workstations.

Workstation Setup and Installation

Our certified support consultants will aid you in the setup and installation of your computer workstations as well as your various other essential computer peripheral devices such as a printer, scanner, web camera, etc. We will make sure that you acquire all the required wires and cables so we can do the job quickly, which is going to allow you to save time and money. Prior to connecting to the network, we analyze computer network configuration settings or set up computer network security plans including wireless networking protection and/or computer backup recovery. We will also perform the set up of a computer workstation and optimum configuration of wireless and hardwire Local Area Network, configuration of Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL), 3G and broadband internet.

Computer Operating System & Software Installation

Our computer software installation specialists have proven to be well-versed with various data management systems, Computer Operating System and Software installation and repairing data security and internet security protection. Many computer software applications are typically installed by simply copying them onto a computer and using them without requiring any further action. Some other applications are often distributed in a state that is not suitable for immediate execution and, therefore, require a software installation procedure. Software installation typically involves unpacking of data files supplied in a compressed form, copying them to preferred locations, tailoring the software applications to suit the computer hardware and user’s requirements, rendering data associated with this software program to the operating system, etc.

Computer Repair & Upgrade

With rapid advancements in technological innovations, even the state of the art computer today, will become obsolete or outdated tomorrow. Our Workstation Repair & Upgrade Services offer computer hardware help and support for your personnel and system administrators. The core purpose of the Workstation Repair & Upgrade services is the installation, maintenance, and upgrade of all computer related hardware for the end users. This is usually an ongoing task that ensures that systems are up-to-date as well as functional. We will perform diagnostics to uncover any kind of computer system problems and resolve them in order to get rid of lockups, crashes and many other issues caused by computer hardware malfunctions. We will also perform computer hardware upgrades to make sure that your workstation satisfies your personal or business expectations.

Virus & Spyware Removal

Protecting against spyware and viruses is crucial for good computer health and a positive computing experience. With spyware and viruses, you are likely to face numerous challenges which range from simple frustrations such as frequent pop-up windows while you work, to destruction of or even theft of valuable data or sensitive information. Our computer services consultants will be able to analyze and clean your computing devices of viruses or any other malware.

Slow Computer Solutions

A workstation could be running slowly for a variety of reasons. Frequently, the hard disk drive will become full which can reduce its performance. Oftentimes, particularly with older PC systems, there’s an inadequate RAM to support whatever you are attempting to run, which means that your computer can’t carry out the task that you’re attempting to accomplish. Absence of updates and/or an inadequate maintenance or malware infection is often a reason behind a slow computer.

Computer Data Backup

Computer Data Backup refers to making spare copies of the data files which are to be kept apart from the original copies. Laptops or computers suffer from predisposition to crash or sometimes restart as a result of hard disk drive failure. Although this situation might not occur very often, the risk of it taking place remains. Despite having the highest quality safety measures, a workstation could become exposed and fall victim to computer viruses as well as malfunctions which could delete memory and infect other important hard drives in the systems.