Computer Network Solutions

wifi-wired-optimizedFor more than a decade, PC on Wheels has been providing the Northern Ohio area with network solutions of the highest standards. With unparalleled customer support we have established ourselves as one of the premier sources for network services. PC on Wheels has employed trained and qualified experts ready for all types of PC repairs and technical issues. We use our expertise and knowledge to effectively communicate any technical issue. Whether a novice or a veteran, you can be assured you will understand every detail provided by our free diagnostic report. The diagnostic estimate informs you of any and all areas where beneficial repairs, upgrades, or general maintenance is needed. Our engineers and technicians will thoroughly inspect your hardware and software and present you with an in-depth analysis. We can then make recommendations based on one of the comprehensive service packages available.

PC on Wheels has a vast array of network services to help improve your cable or wireless infrastructure. We can help configure and streamline existing networks or aid in all aspects of transporting a network. Our Network Installation and Support team specializes in all types of software currently in use by modern businesses or in the home. The network services provided are uniquely catered to your specific needs. We customize every one our service plans to individual preferences and constantly evolve our efforts to meet changing circumstances.

The Network Backup solutions we offer are designed to give a little assurance in a world filled with uncertainties. We will create a scheduled regiment for backing up your data in the event of the unthinkable happening. By allowing your network to frequently copy itself to removable storage drives, you can be sure you will not have to suffer through any information loss. This can easily result in losing customers to more reliable competitors. There is also the option of a one time backup which is perfect for when moving systems and setting up a new locations. Digital information is a valuable commodity and our network services are here to help protect your data.

In order to have your network running as smoothly as possible it is a good idea to take advantage of the Network Optimization service offered by PC on Wheels. Network services are the foundation for communication in the digital age. Optimizing your network could involve installing new cabling, firewalls, or making adjustments to a number of other physical components of a network. Relocating a network can often be an ordeal and generally requires the expertise of experienced professionals. PC on Wheels’ licensed and insured technicians are prepared to handle all your needs when moving a business. We also specialize in networking together pre-existing systems. Our experts can help design your computer room from the ground up and provide you with fiber optics, wireless and copper cabling.

PC on Wheel has all the tools you need to build a state of the art network for your home or business. There are no network services too small or too complicated for our expert technicians and engineers. We provide emergency support and can recover any data loss due to a virus attack. PC on Wheels has the knowledge and support staff to solve all computer related problems. Our trained instructors can show even the most novice computer user the skills needed to manage their software and networks with increased efficiency.