Residential Services

Residential ServicesHome and personal computers have become essential parts of your our daily life A malfunction of your computer system could be very stressful and typically occur at the least opportune moments. For this reason PC On Wheels extends precisely the same degree of service to home and personal pc users as a Cleveland computer repair company. We provide a multitude of residential computer and Cleveland PC repair services for Window PCs and MACs covering anything from laptop or desktop setup, installation and repair services to full wired or wireless computer network repair, setup as well as administration for your Cleveland PC repair needs. Our in home computer repair technicians provide the best computer repair services for your laptop or desktop computer. Our onsite computer repair technicians will fix your Dell computer, Mac computer, or any computer brand you need to get fixed. We are the best local computer repair company in the Greater Cleveland area with top customer service!

Cleveland Computer Technicians for PC and Mac

Home and personal computers have become very important elements of our everyday life. A breakdown of your Mac or PC laptop or computer is quite nerve-wracking and usually happens at the least opportune times. Our Cleveland computer technicians provide skilled and inexpensive residential computer services for Windows PC or Mac laptops and desktop computers. Our Cleveland PC tech is committed to assisting our PC and Mac customers to become adept in the home computers systems that they use on a daily basis.

Our Cleveland computer tech services include:

Wired and Wireless Network

There are several ways to accomplish an ideal network setup – wired, wireless or both. Each individual network setup presents its own benefits and drawbacks.

Operating System & Software Installation

Our computer software installation professionals have proven to be proficient in computer operating systems & software installation, a variety of data management systems, data security as well as Internet security protection.

Virus & Spyware Removal

With the growth of the Internet we all are experiencing an increasing amount of threats to computer systems as a result of viruses, malicious adware and spyware. It is necessary to explore practical measures in Virus & Spyware Removal in an effort to safeguard your personal data and to preserve your computer’s total performance.

Slow Computer Solutions

Slow computer problems are the most widespread concerns of computer users. There can be several reasons that may lead your computer to run slow. Our skilled residential computer service technicians will be able to identify, remove the problem causing issue, and install the most sophisticated computer virus protection software. In addition to boosting your computer system, we’ll also perform the maintenance to stabilize your computer and consequently enhance your computer’s performance.

Computer Repair & Upgrade

Our residential computer service technician will conduct diagnostics to identify any type of computers issues and eliminate them to get rid of lockups, crashes and all other problems resulting in computer hardware failure. Our team will also implement a computer hardware upgrade to ensure that your computer system meets your personal or business needs.

New Computer Setup

Our company’s residential computer service technicians can help you and your family in computer setup and installation as well as many other essential peripheral devices, including a scanner, printer, web camera, etc. Additionally, if you need, we will move all of your valuable content from your old computer such as emails, documents, images, etc., to your new computer system.

Data Backup

Computer Data Backup is the term for creating extra copies of one’s computer files which will be stored separately from the genuine ones. Currently, computer systems experience predisposition to crash or, in some cases, reboot due to hard drive malfunction. While this problem will not come up very often, there definitely remains a chance of it happening. Even with the best safety measures, a computer system can get exposed and become a victim of computer viruses and / or failures which, unfortunately, could delete memory and also contaminate various other essential hard drives within the system