Server Repair and Server Upgrade

Server Upgrade

server-upgradeIn a vast majority of cases, server upgrades could lead to an increase in overall business performance. Upgrading your server can easily make a considerable improvement in the response times of your network or website.

There are various kinds of server hardware upgrades. Adding a faster CPU increases the primary operating speed of your computer server system. Installing additional memory enables you to run larger applications and even existing programs while avoiding continuous access of virtual memory by the hard drive. This prevents the drives from caching so much and minimizes drive wear in addition to power consumption. A larger hard drive enables you to store more data at the same time a better graphics card or monitor will let you view images in significantly greater detail.

A server upgrade is not limited to hardware. Oftentimes, it is likely to need to upgrade your software also. This might be your operating system, your drivers or simply a latest version of an application that you are currently using. Numerous software applications have already proven to improve the overall productivity as well as enhance security.

Pc On Wheels offers a customized server upgrade that gives you control of your business-computing environment with prompt and professional quality services that ensure that your company servers acquire hardware upgrades which will produce a computer system that performs optimally and efficiently. Our technicians will make certain that all new components will be compatible with your existing ones. We will review your options with you and will also explain each and every detail of the server upgrade process to you in simple terms. In addition, our certified server technician will aid you to decide just what to update and when. Our company will continually work to assist our customers in keeping server upgrade costs down and will advise the purchase of a new server in case we find that to be more cost effective.

Server Repair

computer-backupPc On Wheels offers comprehensive on-site computer and server repair services. We will travel to your place of business to perform these services. Our certified technicians are highly proficient as well as cross-trained on various products, platforms and technologies and can perform diagnosis, repairs and service on virtually any computer server imaginable. We offer server hardware repair and maintenance support for all major brands of Computer servers, including Dell, HP / Compaq, IBM, Lexmark, Xerox and many others.

Computer server repair consists of a great number of diagnostics and procedures. They normally include software and hardware diagnostics, possible hardware replacement, computer virus removal, software troubleshooting, operating system re-installation, and much more. We will perform a diagnostic analysis to uncover any existing computer hardware issues and then correct them to eliminate lockups, crashes and a number of other issues resulting from hardware malfunction. We will also implement a server hardware upgrade to make sure that your server satisfies your business requirements.

Many companies acquire computer servers that are pre-made by a manufacturer. Each time a part fails, it could be a challenge for you to repair these servers mainly because the hardware turns out to be nearly impossible to find or possibly obsolete. Many consumers tend to replace hardware by putting the original new part. Thankfully, advancements in computer technology drive down the cost of new equipment. As time goes by, modern and significantly more advanced replacement parts can be utilized when working with computer hardware repair. Utilizing newer and significantly better parts will likely be less costly as compared to using the original manufacturer’s replacement part. Our server repair technician can assist you in locating the replacement part that will be compatible with your server.

The computer server issues are not always hardware related. Your server may not be operating properly as a result of virus attack or installing some application that has damaged the performance of the system. Our experienced server repair technicians will locate and remove the problem causing software and then set up the latest computer virus protection software on your server. We’ll also make certain that you understand how to most effectively utilize your virus protection software and keep it up to date.