Remote Access Solutions

Remote Access SolutionsRemote access is starting to become increasingly more popular among businesses and it has gradually become a requirement for most. Remote access solutions are widely-used by individuals to send or receive computer files while away from their home or office. This direct access is beneficial to individuals that operate from mobile or portable workstations to acquire instant access to documents or files that are stored on their computers both at home and the workplace. Remote access could be possible by utilizing Broadband, wireless connection or even dial-up access. PDAs, Laptop computers as well as Smartphones are often used to utilize remote access. Remote access solutions could be a software application or Internet-based.
Traditionally, remote access solutions were intended for commercial use and also for helpdesk services. Today, a great deal of the usage is due to consumers making use of remote access for individual needs. Many people employ remote access solutions to be able to share images and videos between several computing devices. Remote access solutions include a number of great features that were not available early on. They include the remote installation, remote power management, lock of remote input devices, etc. By utilizing the remote access solutions technology you’ll be able to connect a PC from a Mac, or get access to Mac from a PC, you’ll be able to sync and transfer files with it. Also, there is an option of guest screen sharing that allows people to invite friends to temporarily share their computer’s screen from another location.

An additional benefit of remote access solutions would be to provide the capabilities to monitor your home or business from a remote location. This approach is an excellent and very cost effective way to safeguard your home or business from potential theft or vandalism. Electronic surveillance equipment is usually connected to a person’s onsite personal computer and can be accessed via any other offsite PC, PDA, Laptop or Smartphone for quick visual surveillance whenever you are away from the office and even vacation.

Pc On wheels utilizes remote access solutions to help our customers to fix their computer challenges quickly and efficiently. Every now and then, all of us require computer technical assistance. Study shows that small to medium sized businesses afflicted by computers or computer network downtime can potentially lose as much as 5% of gross annual revenues.

Once the issue is beyond a computer user’s expertise they will have no choice but get in touch with the tech support providers. Having the ability to have a computer professional locate the issue on their own, instead of using the somewhat tiresome procedure of requiring someone to carry out tasks over the telephone and then convey the feedback, will save money and time. Considering that onsite technical support could be quite expensive, yet technicians will be able to uncover much of the same details through remote access. Utilizing Pc On Wheels’ remote access solution services will help you to reduce costs without the sacrifice of the level of quality.

If you are on the market to implement remote desktop software applications, Pc On Wheels can help you sort out available software solutions, and we will help you choose the one that will meet your needs. Also, our technicians can help you to understand the software application that you are currently working with by going over the software as well as the user manual with you. Accomplishing this will provide you with a complete understanding of the best way to use the software while gaining knowledge of all of the features that it has to offer.