Server Operating Systems & Software Installation

server-maintenanceYear after year, PC on Wheels has proven to help business owners to successfully avoid anxiety and inconvenience caused by faulty software installation. Our software installation professionals are well-versed with a variety of data management systems, server software installation and repair, data security, and Internet security protection which will ensure that your company would be in the position to manage its resources and operations productively.

Operating systems make up the core of the computer system. They are, in essence, the components that enable ones computer to function. An in-depth characterization would term operating systems as computer software which includes a variety of applications and data that runs on computers and manages the functioning of computer hardware and consequently implements the execution of various programs on the computer.

Servers deliver important and vital services across the network to, either, individual PC users inside of a large corporation or to public consumers via the Internet. The key distinction between server and desktop PCs is not in the hardware rather in the software. Servers typically run operating systems that are intended exclusively for use in those particular servers. Servers which have dedicated functionality are: database servers, print servers, web servers, etc. They perform unique applications which are developed to particularly undertake server tasks.

While servers require delivering a limited range of services in order to cater to a large number of users, a desktop PC needs to perform a variety of functions required by its user. The requirements of an operating system for a server are distinct from those of a desktop computer. Although it’s simple for an operating system to cause a computer to deliver both of those services and even respond instantly to the requirements of an end-user, it’s typical to implement different operating systems on servers and personal computers.

A number of computer software programs are usually installed by merely copying it into a computer and operating it without any requirements of additional activities, consequently, no set up procedure is needed. A number of other programs are generally released in a state not applicable for quick execution and need a software installation procedure. Software installation normally includes unpacking of files provided in a compressed state, copying them to desirable locations, tailoring the applications to accommodate the computer hardware as well as the user’s preferences, supplying data related to this software to the operating system, etc.

From time to time, we tend to be approached by companies that have experienced a significant reduction in their equipment performance immediately after a new server operating system installation was implemented. This might occur when an operating system was not properly configured or is possibly lacking the capacity needed to be able to accommodate this particular version of operating system. Our software installation engineer will inspect your system for suitability and, also, for availability of the hard drive storage space.
Prior to any application being installed into your computer, we will conduct various levels of assessment to ensure that it will properly address the business’s needs and will compliment other components of your computing environment.

Immediately after software installation is completed, we will aide your personnel to gain a full understanding of the system in order to assist the organization in taking advantage of the benefits of their new system.