Computer Network Relocation

erver-migrationYour company’s communications infrastructure (servers, operating systems, printers, faxes, phones, etc.) are essential to be able to conduct business. As a great deal of your business is reliant entirely on the computers, your company must be well prepared for a seamless relocation of your computer network.

When you are in the process of computer network relocation to a new site it’s very important to reduce the quandaries associated with the network relocation. Company owners and their supervisors frequently believe that relocating to another location is as simple as connecting the computer network equipment, plugging it in and logging in.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Network relocation is among the most delicate computer related tasks that most people or businesses take on. Even if only a few minor components are altered during a network move, it may cause your entire computer network to fail to function properly and will involve additional work to find and fix the problem.

There are few things that the companies need to consider when contemplating network relocation. These issues are often overlooked but can be easily avoided and will save time and money :

Internet Access

Start preparing the new location for the relocation. Contact the telephone company and schedule to get the entire external network internet connections hooked up ahead of the relocation date. Avoid having to wait until after the relocation to acquire an Internet connection. Take into account that most utility companies require several weeks to perform this kind of job. Make sure to provide them with a considerable amount of time. Even though you may have your ISDN, DSL, T1 or any other gateway for the Internet installed prior to the move does not mean it is going to work. Take a laptop or any other portable device to the new location and check the Internet connection prior to the move. The telephone companies are infamous for declaring that your line is all set to go when it is not. Moreover, digital lines frequently require some tweaking.

System Backup

Usually one of the most vital parts of computer network relocation is to secure the system and backup all data files prior to network shutdown. During this time, it would be wise to stop any system input and modifications for a while prior to backup. In addition, have all personnel to backup his or her computer data.

Network Relocation Planning

Companies should take into account the impact of computer network relocation on the company’s data management needs. Creating a network relocation strategy is important to the effective outcome of the move. The sooner you begin preparing for the network relocation, the greater the likelihood that your company’s operation is not disrupted during the relocation.

Should your business utilize its computer for order taking and are unable to turn the system off during the business hours, make an arrangement to take orders and then have them entered manually once the network is back on at the new location. Prior to relocation day, carry a brief training session with staff in regards to the order taking procedure.

PC on Wheels’ computer network relocation services are performed according to the highest industry standards. Our IT technicians will visit your current location to shut-down your existing network and devices. Once the shutdown is complete, the team will pack and transport system devices to your new location. After your network devices are safely transported, licensed IT professionals will assemble your network devices in your new office. When the network relocation and assembly are complete, the technicians will test each device to make sure that it operates properly.