Computer Network Optimization

server-maintenanceAs the amount of data that businesses need to process increases, best use of bandwidth becomes critical and network optimization becomes essential. Every business needs to make sure that every aspect of its physical network is performing as efficiently as possible. The answer to your data problems is not always “get me more bandwidth”; you could have a pipe as wide as the Atlantic Ocean but if your office or home computer network is not working at maximum efficiency then you will not be making the most of the bandwidth you have now. In fact, very few people are using their full bandwidth efficiently. Every computer, every network card, all of your cabling and software need to be as efficient as possible. We, PC on Wheels, will use our years of experience with computer network optimization and partnerships with key industry vendors to transform your network into the fastest possible, most efficient system you can get.

Network Assessment

PC on Wheels’ engineers will perform an in-depth assessment of each of the components of your network before producing a comprehensive end-to-end assessment of your current level of network optimization; we will follow-up this assessment with specific recommendations and actions that will improve the efficiency of your computer network. We use state-of-the-art equipment along with years of experience to enable our highly skilled engineers to give you the results you need – an efficient and cost effective computer network following the process of network optimization.

Software Assessment

Computer network optimization, of course, is not just about hardware. PC on Wheels will look at the software you are using, including firewalls, network operating systems and your workers’ individual PC applications to ensure that your hardware is being managed in the most effective manner possible. If we determine areas for improvement, we will give you a thorough action plan before carrying out the work you require. As part of this process we will ensure that Remote Access solutions for your employees are as efficient as they can be, maximizing their productivity when out of the office. At all times, we will ensure the security of your computer network by making sure firewalls, anti-spam software and encryption tools do not compromise either, efficiency or security.

The Importance for Your Business

There has been an unprecedented growth in the requirement to process data and move it around, so the need to use bandwidth efficiently and cost effectively has become critical. Network optimization ensures that every packet of data goes where it needs to be as quickly as possible, making your organization more efficient and your workers more productive. Every computer and every operator connected to your network that has not been improved by network optimization is costing your organization money by using up bandwidth that does not need to be used and should be free for other uses. PC on Wheels has extensive experience with computer network optimization and the expertise, contacts and equipment to ensure that your organization approaches the future with confidence in its IT systems and overall computer network optimization.