Network Installation and Support

computer-supportNetwork installation can be a very challenging process, and the use of competent planning makes it possible to implement the network correctly. Deciding on layout, installation, along with repairs, and maintenance associated with a computer network are among the most challenging tasks for modern businesses and academic institutions. Due to the rapid changes in technological innovations, it may be impossible for the business owners and educators to become proficient in every aspect of the modern technology necessary to keep their installations up-to-date.

When beginning the network installation process, the institution must accurately determine their network’s preferences including, the amount of users who would likely utilize the network, the number of people that may access it locally as well as the number that may need a remote connection. They must also determine the number of individual computers and alternative devices such as servers, scanners, printers, etc. that will be installed in the network, what the requirements of the individual department are, and which individuals will be responsible for operating and managing the network. Also, it can be very helpful to look ahead to determine the direction you’d like the company to be heading in the foreseeable future, allowing us to be able to factor in all of the upcoming expansion in the course of computer network installation.

The next phase of network installation is the design of your computer network. We are going to map out the network infrastructure to meet your requirements as well as offer you recommendations for future capacity planning. We are going to help you choose the appropriate computer hardware to meet your company’s needs and your company’s budget. All of the designs will incorporate physical locations of computing devices and cable arrangement. As soon as the design is completed, we are going to provide you with detailed pricing for each and every stage of the network installation.

Even though most consumers fail to understand its value, the use of data cabling is among the most critical part of the framework of computer networks, internet, telephone and televisions around the world. Computer network cables are typically data transmission cables that are utilized to link a particular network component to another. There are various kinds of network cables: Twisted Pair, Coaxial, Fiber Optic, etc. The types of wires and cables to implement are determined by the network’s technical specifications and its size. Typically, the difference will be the speed of which each individual kind of cable handles data throughout the computer network.

Our network installation and support technicians can assist with order, take delivery of, inspect as well as deliver components to your work place. Over the years, PC on Wheels developed a strong relationship with various computer component vendors and manufacturers. By allowing us to handle the supply process, we could save you money, expedite network installation processes and will let you concentrate on other more important aspects of your business.

If after completing the network installation process, you prefer to have your new network professionally maintained, PC on Wheels will be able to accommodate. Our computer network support handles the repairs and maintenance of any available computer network. It is aimed at preserving the overall system integrity such as security and stability of your LAN (local area networking) or WAN (wide area networking) connectivity through the entire organization.

Regardless of what kind, who installed it or the age of the network equipment, PC on Wheels’ network installation and support personnel are capable of managing, servicing and maintaining your computer network locally or even around the globe. We can also assist in upgrading your company’s current network or relocating current network equipment to a different location. We utilize a combination of managed services, monitoring applications and remote access in order to accommodate just about any sized establishment.