Why is my computer so slow?

Is your computer slow to start up and unbearably slow? Here are 7 reasons for a slow computer along with some slow computer solutions from your helpful Cleveland computer repair experts.

1. Too Many Programs are Running

How do you check to see what programs are running on your computer?

Open your “Task Manager” to see a list of all the programs that are currently running. End any programs that you are not currently using and keep an eye out for programs that you weren’t aware were running in the background.

2. RAM is Full

Your RAM is the Random Access Memory that computers temporarily use as their thinking and work space. The number of programs that are running directly correlates to the amount of RAM being used. If your computer is running slow you could simply just have too many programs running and not enough RAM space. It could be time to upgrade your RAM, call our computer repair team in Cleveland to have a representative come out and improve your PC or Mac.

How do you check to see how much RAM your computer has?

Click the “Start” button, right click on “Computer” and then choose “Properties.” In the system section, you will see the amount of RAM your computer has.

Tip: We recommend that you have at least a 4G RAM

3. Low on Hard Drive Space

The hard drive is what stores all of your computer’s information and has only a limited amount of space. Once that hard drive is full your computer will slow to a halt and stop working. In these instances, you will most likely have to either install a bigger hard drive, perform a disk cleanup, or delete unnecessary files.

How do you check to see how much room you have left on your hard drive?

Open the “Computer”file and right-click on the hard drive that you would like to check. Next, you will want to select “Properties” and all of the details of used space and free space will be displayed.

Tip: You should keep at least 20% of your disk free at all times.

4. Incomplete Updates

Try restarting your computer, sometimes updates cannot be completed until your computer is restarted.

5. Internet

It could just simply be your wireless network that is making your web browsers run slow.

6. Not Meeting Your Software’s Minimum Requirements

Most software will have a list of requirements for things like the processor speed, RAM, hard drive space, and operating system for your computer. If you just meet the minimums for these requirements the software will still run but it may not run well, which could be causing your computer to run slowly.

7. Your Computer Has a Virus

If your computer has been spamming you with an overwhelming amount of popup ads, your email has been sending messages that you never creates, or things just all of a sudden stop working you could have a virus on your computer. If you are worried that your computer has a virus call us today to book our virus and spyware removal services.
Computers are wonderfully brilliant inventions but they are also complicated and often frustrating devices. If your computer is running slow and you just can’t figure out why don’t fret, our team of computer repair experts here in Cleveland can fix any of your computer problems. As computer geeks who are dedicated to making your life simple and easier my offering same day service and are available 24 hours 7 days a week.