Reasons It’s Less Expensive To Repair Your Laptop!

As much as we’ve grown to know and love our laptops, the feelings sometimes are necessarily reciprocated. It seems like when we least expect it, and need them the most, our laptops decide it’s time to misbehave. Whether it’s crashing in the middle of writing a paper or report for work, running extremely slow, or expiring completely, it’s never fun when you’re left with a broken laptop. Some of us may want to throw our computers against the wall or in the trash and start over completely with a brand new model, but that isn’t usually a viable option for most of us without thousands of extra dollars just laying around.  Rather than let your anger get the best of you when your Macbook or PC is broken, consider a laptop repair service to help you save money. While once in a blue moon it’s time to get a new computer; maybe your old Macbook from 2000 has run its course, most of the time, your just need a laptop repair service or computer repair service you can count on. Here is how you can figure out if laptop repair will be cheaper for you than starting over.


First, what is the problem?

Before you take action and start shopping for a new laptop, figure out just what the problem is and how big it is. If you have access to another computer, search for “Troubleshooting” tips for your computer. Use some common-sense in conjunction with the internet to figure out what the issue could be and try the steps and solutions provided. You may surprise yourself and figure out the issue right away. If you can’t solve the problem on your own, at least you can tell your computer repair technician that you tried A, B, and C which will save them time and save you money in the long-run.


Why it’s less expensive to repair your laptop

A lot of times, your laptop or computer is under warranty without you even realizing it. Call your manufacturer and the place you purchased your laptop from, or look at the manual and receipt to see how many years and what time of warranty you’ve got on it. This means you could potentially not have to pay anything for your laptops repair!

A trusted computer repair technician will be able to help you figure out the source of the problem and give you an honest assessment of the cost of repair, or if you even need a repair. Sometimes, it’s a simple software update, not a new computer you’re in need of. Updating software with the help of a professional is still much cheaper than starting from scratch.

A single part is usually much cheaper than purchasing a new laptop. Especially if you’re computer isn’t very old, consider the fact that your problem is most likely easily fixable when serviced by an expert. If it’s just your laptop’s CD drive that needs replacing, it makes much more sense to take it to your trusted computer repair specialist to help you purchase and replace the part.

While the idea of a brand new laptop or Macbook may be nice, the reality is that a new computer with the cost of software, warranties, and add-ons included is a huge investment that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Buying instead of repairing your laptop can end up costing you thousands of dollars. Instead, if you’ve already invested in a laptop that’s worked for the most part for you and isn’t too old, consider getting it serviced by an expert in computer repair in Cleveland. PC on Wheels provides a number of same day services from remote or in person laptop repairs, PC repair, Macbook repairs, computer repair services and more to keep your pockets full of cash and your computer running smoothly. Call today to book an appointment at 216-218-4204 or 440-276-0956!