Business Services

business-itFor over a decade Pc On Wheels has been the Cleveland PC repair company that provides quality and affordable Cleveland computer repair services for businesses, government and educational institutions throughout Cleveland and most of Greater Cleveland Ohio. We offer many benefits of a complete IT department manned by skilled technicians, at a fraction of the cost and also considerably less then the cost your organization might incur by operating without any IT support. Our skilled cleveland computer repair technicians are always available and, ready to provide you and your organization with a competent business computer services. Our company’s professional team knowledgeable in various aspects of business computer technology needs and will be able to help you achieve your business computing goals.

Cleveland Computer Technicians for PC and Mac

It can be difficult to find computer services for small and medium-sized businesses. Smaller businesses have unique needs that are different from the needs of large corporations and are equally different from the needs of home computer users. PC on Wheels offers quality, affordable services that are tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. We offer a range of Mac and PC services and can set up a wired or wireless computer network. We can perform software installation, data transfer and backups; we also offer troubleshooting options, virus and spyware removal, data recovery, computer repairs and upgrades. PC on Wheels is one of the most popular computer service providers for businesses in the Cleveland area due to our quality and affordable work.

Onsite Computer Repair Cleveland

PC on Wheels provides personalized computer services for businesses by working with them to understand how they work and what their specific needs are. Included in every network installation is a free audit report that is designed to determine a company’s needs. The audit report outlines the current status of the network and computers and includes the suggested improvements as well as a detailed cost estimate for the proposed changes. It is this type of personalized care that makes PC on Wheels one of the best computer services for businesses in Cleveland.

PC on Wheels specializes in computer network services. We can set up both wired and wireless networks and are experienced in installing and configuring the software that will ensure that all the computers on the network are compatible, secure, and will run to the best of their ability. To further maximize our network computer services for businesses, PC on Wheels offers network optimization, which includes an analysis of the network and the implementing of changes. These changes will ensure that the physical cables, electronics, server, workstations, operating systems, software applications and internet connections all work together to create a fully optimized network. Other network computer services for businesses include network security and automatic network backup solutions that will ensure that should anything happen to the network, lost data can be recovered.

Although networks are usually reliable, PC on Wheels offers a number of office computer repair technician services for businesses that can increase security and recover data. A full network security analysis can pinpoint vulnerabilities in web servers, registries, mailing systems, administrative and user capabilities, database servers, and applications, among other things. Recommendations will be made and implemented according to the results of the analysis. Anti-virus solutions are also available and can be configured to protect individual computers or the whole network specifically concentrating on the needs of the system. PC on Wheels also offers computer services for businesses that have experienced crashes or lost data due to equipment or software malfunction. In most cases, we can recover the network’s infrastructure and rescue much of the data that has been lost. Our office computer repair technicians provide the best office computer repair services for your business in Cleveland, OH.